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It washes off the stains of paint, gum, markers and black shoe marks!
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The leader of the Kazakhstan market of products for hemodialysis
Feedback from the company «Chistaya Alushta» , Crimea

We are a cleaning company from the Crimea "Chistaya Alushta", 6 years in this field of activity.

We got acquainted with the company "Izhsintez-Khimprom" at the specialized excibition in Moscow. We liked the appearance of their product line. Then we tried out some products in action and highly appreciated their quality.

Working with the company "Izhsintez-Khimprom", we value the information support they provide: all issues are discussed until full resolution. We like also the diversity of their product line and well-established logistics. So, we enjoy the partnership with the company "Izhsintez-Khimprom", we also use these detergents ourselves. And our regular clients give us the positive feedback about these products each time we meet. We should add, that the product line of detergents expands constantly, and the new products they develop meet all the requirements of the market.

We wish the company "Izhsintez-Khimprom" further development and prosperity!
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